Monday, 15 January 2018

Red Buffalo Plaid Skirt

Old Navy Sweater // Old Navy Skirt (old - similar) // Old Navy Scarf //

Happy 2018 everyone! Sorry I haven't stopped by the blog until now! I have decided this year I am just going to blog when I am inspired and have the time instead of saving up posts to share in one go. It might mean some weeks I have one post up and others I have a few up.
This was actually the outfit I wore on Boxing day at home and we shot these pictures just before it became pitch black. Is anyone else fed up of the dark mornings like me yet? They seem so much harder to handle after Christmas and New Year. 
I am so eager for Spring to arrive and for some more daylight hours but as this year I am working on only being positive I thought I'd share some thing I do love about the short days this time of year.

1. Hot Bubble Baths - I love a good bubble bath and they my favourite in winter when I get home and it's been freezing cold all day, the perfect way to start a relaxing evening.

2. Hot Cocoa - not just for Christmas, I love drinking hot chocolate all through the winter months and of course it has to be piled high with marshmallows! 

3. Winter PJ's - Probably no surprise there haha, everyone knows I love a good pair of pyjamas and thermal winter ones are my favourite.

4. Cozy Blankets - I have blankets for all year round but nothing beats snuggling up in a warm blanket on a dark night.

5. Being Lazy - I don't know about you but I always feel that this time of year I can get away with being lazy in the evenings and don't feel so bad about curling up on the sofa in the evenings and binge watching my favourite shows (Grey's Anatomy is my all time fave).

It would seem all my favourite things about this time of year add up to a perfect winter night at home! What things do you love about this time of year? 


Sunday, 31 December 2017


The time has come around again to look back on 2017 and share some of my favourite moments with you all.

I just looked back at my post from the end of 2016, and I can say that 2017 was definitely a year full of huge changes in my life some of which I have shared with you all on the blog. I didn't get around to blogging more than last year or even come close to what I had hoped. The blog has taken a back seat to my day to day life and I do miss it greatly and I hope that even though I cannot blog as much as I would like to that I can still keep my little space on the internet going and when I have time I will share some of the things that inspire me with you all.

Looking back on 2017 I feel like I haven't achieved much but the biggest achievement this year for me was buying my own house all by myself, something I have always wanted to do. Is it my dream home? No but I actually have settled here and although it has a long way to go it certainly feels like a home to me now, the biggest part of that was Sean moving in with me and getting our little baby Bella, they have made a tough year a lot easier and made it a special year.

I also got to take a trip to Athens with my best friend and her husband and we will hopefully be going on another adventure together in 2018. I watched some of my closet friends purchase their own homes and become parents this year and I live seeing these little babies grow.

And not forgetting I did still work with some amazing brands on the blog this year including, Shein, Talking Tables, Kohl's and Caseapp. I'm also excited to be teaming up with some new companies in 2018 which I can't wait to introduce to you all.

So what does 2018 hold? Well unfortunately I am going into it facing redundancy so a new will be on the horizon (I hope *fingers crossed*) which will be a tough change as I love my current job and the people I get to work with every day. Hopefully lots of decorating around the house so I can start sharing some interior posts with you, and a birthday that I currently would rather not celebrate haha! 

A huge thank you to everyone who stops by blog and my Instagram page and has liked and left sweet comments during 2017, you guys are my favourite part of the blogger world and are what makes this so much fun! 

Wishing you and all your families a happy and healthy 2018, I hope it holds lots of joy for you all. 

Stacey (and Bella Boo) 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

First Christmas

 This year has been our first Christmas season in our home, and earlier this year when I was purchasing my house, I was so excited to be able to shoot lots of home decor and Christmas decorating posts. However we didn't get round to making over our main living space yet (time and money reasons) so I wasn't really inspired this year to go all out for Christmas.
I still wanted out home to feel a little festive so I kept things pretty simple this year and only did a little decorating.
Most pieces were things I had purchased on sale in previous years, but since our tree really needs far more decorations they we own, we did buy a few special new ones this year, my favourite is our family of penguins.
Of course I set up my now annual Hot Chocolate Bar because I drink cocoa in abundance this time of year and although not pictured, we do have a few fairy lights around the house, twinkle lights are my favourite and nothing says Christmas to me more than sparkling lights. 
Hopefully next year I'll feel more festive and I'll do a Holiday Home Tour post, I've already got my eye on a few pieces I'm hoping to snag on sale.